a.) Workshops (Guitar)

Customized, interactive & exciting course program spanning throughout the entire year that seeks to involve guitarists of all levels & of all genres. The program has been formulated to empower guitar players in areas such as technique development, theoretical understanding of music, musical creativity, motivation & focus, practice regimen and to generally improve musicianship skills at a personal level.

After every two successful guitar workshop events, guitarists will have a platform to showcase their talents in the exciting & all instrumental guitar affair – Solo Night.


b.) Competitions

Guitar Guru is an online guitar event that involves a number of guitarists competing against each other for the overall top position. This provides a perfect platform for both the established and aspiring bands to expose their talents to a varied & wide audience that would otherwise be limited if it were in a live setting. Participating acts are vetted by a panel of judges (selected & seasoned guitarists) according to a laid down criteria relating to musical aspects such as technical ability, precision & musicality amongst other befitting elements.


C.) Guitar Therapy (Dorian)

Recognizing the inherent human need for music and inspired by the growing understanding of the links between music, health, wellbeing and recovery – Dorian aims to improve healthcare experiences for patients, families and staff. Guitar Therapy seeks will see guitarists take quality guitar music into hospital wards and homes for those in need every once or twice a month.


4. Competition


We are proud to announce the very first edition of our special guitar competition series -“Guitar Guru 2018”. The contest is aimed at encouraging original guitar composition that showcases your guitar playing and musical ability to the max! The contest will be opened to all interested guitarists & will span from May (entry submissions) through to June.

So, get ready! Whether you shred, strum, tap or pluck, it’s time to submit your skills for the chance to win exciting prizes at our first edition of ‘Guitar Guru’ competition. The contest will be open to all guitarists playing all styles of music. Our panel of judges will select the top 10 entries to be put up for public voting where the top 3 winners will be declared after the polls are closed.

NB: Combination in the forms of guitar duos, trios, quartets or any other form will not be allowed for this edition of the completion.

Contest timeline;

30th of March: Official backing track is availed for public download
1st of May: Entry into the contest opens
16th of May: Entry submission deadline
17th – 30th of May: Selection processes for Top 10 entries
1st of June: Online polls open
14th of June: Poll closure
16th of June: Top 3 winners officially announced