New Partners

We’re pleased to announce our new partners in support of the Nairobi Guitar Festival. As we’ve been keeping ourselves busy putting together details of our Guitar Workshop program in the past few weeks, we have also secured a number of exciting new partnerships and we want to take this opportunity to announce them all.  The range of skills, insights, networks and support that they bring onboard is incredible and we can’t wait to work closely with each and every one of these partners that will help shape the future of this festival.

  • Kenya Conservatoire of Music (KCM)
    comes on board as the first Partner of NGF. We are thrilled to welcome them and we look forward to introducing them to our growing group & fellowship of guitarists! KCM is committed to helping you reach your musical goals and leads on the conversation on the essence of music theory.  Having their input has been & will continue to be of immense value.
  • Hedgehog Creative
    Hedgehog Creative is a leading music shop that has already generously secured the availability of premier/exclusive brand of instruments and music accessories in the country. We’re thrilled to announce that our partnership is now taking a new dimension, with the Hedgehog coming on board to support our leading programs.  Guitarists will be able to access some of their special & select guitar accessories at discounted rates through our channel. This special arrangement can really rack up the savings for you as a guitarist.

Our decision to collaborate & work with all partners will ensure we can continue to create the best opportunity for all involved us to align towards collective objectives/goals of bettering the extant music industry